Friday, October 24, 2014

Random Friday Night Funnies

OK... So this blogging every day challenge is wearing thin now on day 24! Only one week to go. I promise I'll try to do some more substantive posts next week. But for tonight, some silliness.

First, this sign....

I took this picture while driving (!) because the boys talk about it EVERY time we pass it on the way to karate and back. "Skate naked." Really? Is this a real thing? The boys want me to drive back  there and check it out. No way! We've discussed the dangers of such an activity, the inappropriateness (of course), why the police haven't shut this down, what kinds of people may be doing this, and many, many, many other aspects of skating naked. Ad infinite. There may or may not be a "skate naked" song that has been composed by my talented children. Really. I'm either going to change the route to karate or send this picture to Jimmy Fallon.
And next, fun with Dog the Bounty Hunter's wig ---

I told you it was going to be silly!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. OMgoodness I know about Skate Naked - it's the only indoor skate park in Columbus. Naked -cute name but means no helmest pads etc. Go see the youtube videos. A. Nancy