Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How Quickly Things Change

Sunday ---

Tuesday --

Ray was very proud of his first "snowman" of the year!
Yes, Adam is likely licking the slide.

One change that I'm really happy about is that they don't even ask me to go out in the snow with them anymore. Yeah!
One change that I'm not happy about is Ray's change from healthy boy on Sunday to "virus boy" today. Negative strep test.... but sore throat and headache and lots of whining.
Gotta love Ohio!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dancing Leaves

At the turning of the season
as the trees begin to wane
one might see children run about
for a reason that's quite plain.
They seek to trap but just a few
of the leaves that slowly fall
from branches on the many trees
they find so very tall.
They stay alert
and watch intently
the colors coming down.
While in their minds
they search intensely
for where they'll touch the ground.
Though to those who do not know their game,
It appears a blind confusion
The aimlessness
that strangers see
Is but the leaves' elusion.

***I found this poem online but couldn't find an author to credit.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween / All Saints Day / All Souls Day -- 2013

Carving Jack-O-Lanterns on the Night Before Halloween
Yes, that's a gun on the side of Adam's pumpkin.
It's a "Han Solo" pumpkin and HAD to have a gun.

Our Traditional Halloween Dinner ---- Breakfast!

Jon attempted to get fancy with the pancakes ---
coloring them orange and adding chocolate chip pumpkin faces.

Unfortunately, it was pouring rain and very windy on Halloween Night.
Beggar's Night had to be postponed until November 2nd.
All Saint's Day
We started off this great Feast by attending Mass with some of our homeschool friends before our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and Geography classes.
In Geography class we learned about Saints from around the world and made these saint banners ----

We also used our wooden Saint dolls and placed them on a world map according to where they lived.

That afternoon, our homeschool group enjoyed a fun "Saints on Skates" roller skating party.

Some of the families participated in a "Saint O'Lantern" contest.

Fortunately, after such a busy day I did not have to cook dinner!
We met Jon, MaMaw, and Carter at our parish for a yummy spaghetti dinner.

All Soul's Day
We prayed for all of our family and friends who have died, especially my great Aunt Sister Loretta Forquer who passed away this year. We prayed for all the souls in purgatory. As is our tradition, we planted flower bulbs as a reminder of the miraculous transformation from death to life.... Jesus' promise that we will have New Life in Him.

 On the evening of All Souls Day we were FINALLY able to go trick-or-treating. We invited our cousins and friends to join us for pizza and trick-or-treating. It was a fun evening!

What a cast of characters!!!

The "Star Wars" bunch!
We had two Luke Skywalkers (Ray and Ryan)!

Ray's candy haul.... and his tonsils. Ewww. ;)

Best buddies.... still.
 These were busy days, especially on the heels of our South Carolina trip. But they were wonderfully fun. It's such a meaningful week liturgically and I love celebrating it every year. Now we're on to observing lots of awesome Saint days this month.... and counting our blessings of course.

Monday, November 4, 2013

"Steel" In Love

While we were in South Carolina, Jon and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.
The traditional gift for year 11 = STEEL
We didn't do real well with actually buying steel gifts, but we made lots of loving comments about how much we "steel" love each other. ;)
We had a lovely day touring Charleston and then we got to spend the evening on a very nice dinner cruise on the Charleston Harbor while Dad and Mary watched the boys and put them to bed.
October 26, 2002
October 26, 2013
After we "jumped the broom" at Boone Hall Plantation, we walked down to a beautiful boathouse where a wedding was about to take place. Mary made us pose with all these mushy signs......

Some pictures from the dinner cruise....

Happy anniversary to my awesome husband!
You're "steel" the one for me!
I love you more today than yesterday....
but not as much as tomorrow.