Friday, October 3, 2014

Full Disclosure

     You know how you read Facebook and blogs and see the amazing things that other people are doing in their careers, families, homeschool, etc.... and it's so easy to feel inferior. My friends and I have talked about this phenomenon many times. We have favorite bloggers who amaze and inspire us, but we secretly hope they have incredibly messy basements or horribly behaved children. (Just kidding... sort of).

     I tend to post here and on Facebook when we do something awesome or when homeschool really rocks. But I'm posting today --- in full disclosure --- to say that today was NOT one of those days. It just wasn't.

     First of all, it was really boring. We had no special projects or outings planned. Just basic schoolwork to complete.

     Second, it was rainy and gray and windy and blah.

     Third, none of us wanted to do our schoolwork. Especially Adam. It was a day of distractions and whining and negotiating. There may have been some yelling... and crying.

     And no, we didn't finish all of our work. And no, there are no pictures to document the day.

     Tomorrow will be our first time having "Saturday School" to finish up work that didn't get completed on time. It should be a real blast good lesson for boys who are learning about study skills and work ethic and independent work assignments. Pray for us!

     So if you sometimes read this blog or others and are amazed at how other people get it all done and do such amazing things, this post is for you. No matter what choices you make about family, work, schooling, there are always pros and cons, good days and bad days, responsibilities that must be met. It's not always pretty and exciting.

    Our school work is not done. Our house is not clean. We had meatloaf, mac and cheese, and corn for dinner.

     The good news, as always, is that God is with us in it all. We are living, learning, growing together on the good days and the bad, the messy and the pretty. We're helping each other on the way to Heaven and clinging to Jesus all along the way.

     Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Katie! Isn't this the truth? Today was not so great here either. I'm ready to toss all material things and tie the kids to me so their time is wasted as they wasted mine. Ugh. But, tomorrow is a new day. Thankfully it was our last day of fall break so at the very least, I didn't have to wrestle school in there too. Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  2. 1) I love meatloaf and rarely get it, so I'm jealous. ;). 2) I am still amazed at the seemingly endless energy you have for fun school projects, etc. I don't and my house isn't clean either!

    Still, it is neat He is with us in all of it. And also, that we have our own gifts. Mine is ignoring my children. ;)