Wednesday, October 15, 2014

American Adventure

In Geography we're spending the year "touring" the 50 States. We're part of a class called "American Adventure" that meets twice a month to work on learning about our country. We're also doing reading and other activities here at home.

We're keeping track of the states we've covered on this map --

As you can see, we started in the Northeast and we're working our way West.
We are also working on memorizing the state abbreviations and capitals. We've got a little display in the schoolroom that helps us study these each day. 

Here are some fun craft projects we've completed in our first three American Adventure classes ---

Maine Lighthouses

Pirate Ships
Did you know that Rhode Island was a big hangout for pirates?
Some students chose to make their boats "Mayflowers."
We learned about three "nautical states" that week -- CT, MA, and RI.

When we studied NY and PA, we learned about American symbols.
These flags hangings have quotes about liberty.
This month we're working on a project about the saints who were born in or served in America.
We're using this book in class as our "text." Each page has great information about the location and basic geography of each state as well as the capital, state bird/flower/tree, important landmarks, and historical facts.  

I've got a giant Pinterest board with lots of ideas for studying the States, including the videos, games, and other resources we're using in our class. You can check it out here ---

God Bless America!

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  1. I love the hanging names/capitals/abbreviations. I'm excited to start studying the U.S. next year.