Saturday, October 4, 2014

On Marriage

Over the past few days I've enjoyed catching up on blog reading. I'm blessed to know (in real life) some lovely, inspiring Catholic bloggers and I really enjoy reading their thoughts and being part of their lives. Some of them are also participating in the 31 Day Challenge. Check out these great blogs:
AnaMaria at
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I must confess that I hastily committed to blog for 31 days after seeing AnaMaria mention it on Facebook. I didn't realize that the actual challenge which she promoted was to blog about one topic for 31 days straight. I just saw it as a way for me to catch up on my blog, which mostly serves as a family scrapbook.

But it just so happens that I do have a topic which has been weighing heavily on my mind, heart, and prayers these days: Marriage.

Unfortunately, I have several friends who are currently struggling with serious difficulties in their marriages. It's really hard to see them hurting so badly. Please join me in praying for them and for all married couples. As with all vocations, marriage has such ups and downs. It's not easy.

I am so blessed and thankful for Jon and our marriage. By no means is our marriage perfect, but it is strong. Later this month we'll be celebrating our 12th anniversary, so this is a great opportunity for prayer, reflection, and discussion about the joys and challenges of our own marriage as well as the Sacrament of Marriage in general and the struggles married couples face in today's society.

So I plan to continue some family scrapbook type posts, but I'm primarily going to focus on thoughts and prayers about marriage. I'd love for you to enter the conversation. Please consider sharing your thoughts, prayers, advice, and other input in the comments. Mostly, please join me in prayer for strong holy marriages.

Prayer of a Married Couple

Lord God, we acknowledge your greatness and our need for your grace in our marriage.

We thank you now for the gift you have given us in each other, this opportunity to love and be loved completely.

We accept this beautiful challenge and ask you to bless us.

May our love encourage us to grow to be holier individuals, bringing out the best in each other.

Following your example, Jesus, may we be quick to forgive, ready with a healing word or touch.

Teach us to speak to each other with charity and honesty.

Help us avoid the temptation to take each other for granted.

Instead, remind us, day by day, to see each other as you see us.

May we be as patient with each other as you are with us.

May our love be generous, reaching out beyond ourselves to all we meet.

We pray that they may meet you in us.

Let our life together be a light of hope to those who fear that a total commitment is not possible today.

Faith gives us courage, for we believe that the love that comes from you is freeing and life-giving.

Lord, be a partner with us in our marriage; with your help it will be strong and enduring.

We rejoice that you have brought us together.

May we always be one in you.


-- Lauri Przybysz, 1990

Lauri Przybysz, D.Min.

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  1. Hi Katie, write every day on any topic! Originally I was going to do that too until God nudged me. ;)

    I'm looking forward to your marriage posts and I will certainly pray along. My marriage could certainly use a boost (as can anyone's right?). My biggest struggle is more serious though, in that I hate, hate, hate that my husband no longer practices the faith. People in the secular work force need a special prayer. I'm definitely not blaming the work force but I know if our case it certainly didn't help!

    One Lent I made it my focus to just be with my husband. Every evening. Not to work on the computer, not to do what I wanted, not even to watch a tv show I wanted. Just to be by him (his love language is touch). It really, really helped. I can't say how it affected him but I think he noticed a difference. The biggest change was me. I think I need to do that again.

    God bless you, Katie!