Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Campout 2014

Last weekend my family gathered for our third annual Halloween Campout Weekend. It was super fun except for the fact that I got sick and had to come home on Saturday. I was bummed to miss out on the activities and the time with my family. I guess I had a little virus or something, compounded my allergy symptoms. I'm fine now. Here are some pictures Jon took.

Mom and I hanging out by the fire on Friday evening.

The cousins on the haunted fire truck ride.
Bouncing cousins

Cooking lunch

Pumpkin painting

My hubby surprised me with this hilarious costume --
SO out of character for him.
Doesn't he look hot????
I do love that show... there's just something about Dog.

Ray, Carter, Jon, Adam, and my mom's finger blurring the shot. ;)

Ray and Adam are being Ninjas this year.
Super cool!
This picture cracks me up.
My niece Ava and her friend are an old woman and man.
They're being photo bombed by Reenie and Carter and some random gray haired lady.

It was a fun weekend, chilly but not too rainy. I'm still doing laundry to get the campfire smell out of here, but it was worth it.

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