Friday, October 10, 2014

Boys Book Club - Robin Hood

Robin Hood was our first book club selection for this year. All the boys really enjoyed this medieval tale. We read different versions and compared some of the details. We had a very fun Robin Hood themed meeting.
One of the boys "aged out" of our club and we added a new friend this year.
Mom helped me make some simple Robin Hood hats out of felt. They were a big hit!

We discussed and summarized the story and then played a game that helped us sort out the main ideas and significant/less significant details.

The boys each designed their own targets.

Then we headed outside and practiced shooting with some simple dollar-store archery sets.

 We also practiced shooting at some balloons.

We dipped those suction cup arrows in paint and shot them at the targets they made.

 Finally, we used a "javelin" to pop some water balloons tied to our trees. (Again, my neighbors likely think that we are NUTS!)

It was a super fun afternoon of celebrating our love of literature. The girls group is studying American Girl books this year and having a blast as well. We are so blessed to have great friends to learn and play with us.

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