Sunday, October 19, 2014

Parent - Teacher Conferences

Tonight we held parent teacher conferences at our house. Really I guess they were parent/teacher/student conferences. Jon and I met with each of the boys individually to discuss how they are doing in school and what we want them to work on in school and in their behavior. We've never done this in such a formal way before. I think it was quite helpful. We'll see how/if it pays off in attitudes and behavior this week.

I was fighting back tears as we talked with Ray. I was emotional because he is so grown up. He's almost ten and he's entered into a phase where he can reflect more on things and articulate them. We talked about his struggles and his goals in a deeper way than we've ever been able to before. It's so very humbling and difficult when your child is experiencing some of the same struggles and vices that you have. But it's awesome to be able to share in the struggle and pray for and with each other.... and share wisdom. I love this boy so much and it's such an honor to be able to parent and teach him. He's smart, even though he doesn't think he is. He's got a big heart and a kind soul. He even told us he knows he needs to get to Confession soon and he likes when we put limits and consequences to help him grow and behave. Now we'll see how it goes over when the rubber hits the road. ;)

And then there's Adam. He KNOWS he's smart.... and doesn't see why he has to do school anyway. Sigh. His main struggle is that I expect him to "do stuff that he doesn't want to do." He was not able to engage or reflect at the same level as Ray, obviously, but I do think we laid some groundwork that will be helpful. He mostly picked at his toes while we talked and tried to get us to change the subject. During this talk I had to try not to laugh. He is so funny! Oh how I love this kid too.... so differently than I love Ray. He is so creative and smart. He's really good at memorizing (which frustrates his brother who isn't). We just need to work on his motivation.

And so begins another week of homeschooling. It's such a privilege and a challenge. I hope and pray that I'm doing enough, doing the right things, giving them what they need, not being too tough, not being too easy, ...... and then I try to let go and hand it all over to the Holy Spirit, who is ultimately in charge, right?
May we all have a week filled with fruitful work, nurturing relationships, and abounding grace.

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  1. Amen. It is a joy and a struggle, but ultimately God guides us (I hope I let Him guide me! I have a hard time letting go.)

    Last year, Adam wanted me to start doing grade cards so that's been kind of a parent/teacher/student conference for us. It is really tough figuring out grades though (unless it's something very black and white like math). I would like to have a deeper conference though.

    Isn't it amazing how different each kid is? And yes, Austin is 9.5 now and the mental workings is so much more reasoning and thinking and articulating.