Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Symbol of Our Marriage

Mmmmm.... Rice Krispie Treats! Can you guess which ones Jon made and which ones I made?

One batch follows the recipe precisely. They are yummy.

One batch was thrown together in a hurry without a recipe. They are much more interesting, incorporating orange and white marshmallows with a liberal amount of colorful sprinkles added. They are not mixed very well, thus providing an element of surprise.... you may or may not bite into a gooey patch of unmelted/unmixed marshmallow goodness. They are yummy.... AND fun.

We won't talk about the fact that one batch is much thinner than the other and one is quite ugly! ;)

This is how it goes in our marriage. We're opposites. And it works for us.... most of the time. We balance and complement each other well. We're pretty good at working as a team AND dividing up the responsibilities. Sometimes we are able to make up for what the other lacks. Sometimes we challenge each other  to "meet in the middle" or grow in certain areas. Most of the time we're able to laugh about our differences. But of course there are times when we get annoyed with each other as well.

I think the most important thing is that we share the same values. At the core, we are more similar than different. We're walking through life together. Jon provides stability and level-headedness. I make it interesting! (Yes, I made the CRAZY Krispie Treats.... and I'm quite proud of them!)

What do you think? Is marriage easier/better between people who are of similar temperaments or is variety the spice of life?

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  1. Ooh, that's a tough question. Adam and I are similar in a lot of ways but different in ways that matter. He's more laid-back to my uptightness. He's always been able to get me to loosen up, from our first date forward (he had me dancing!). But at the core, we share similar morals - even with the faith differences that have come into play - and both work hard. So, I suppose, in a weird way, it's a mix of both opposite and similar, if that makes any sense.