Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Trip to the Circus!

One of the great things about Jon's job is the fun family activities that his firm provides for us. We have joined Jon's co-workers and their families for bowling parties, train rides, fun at *Magic Mountain* and now a trip to the circus.

This was a first for our boys. Ray was really scared that it would be too loud and overwhelming, but once we got there we all had a great time. We rode rides, ate cotton candy, bought cool souvenirs, and saw a fun show. Jon and Adam even rode on an elephant!

The boys really liked the acrobats and the motorcycle riders the best. My favorite part was watching their faces. When the show started Adam said, "Now this is what I call a circus!" He belly-laughed a lot and shrieked with delight. Ray was studying everything, trying to figure out how it all worked and trying to anticipate what would happen next.

As I watched the entertaining, but less than spectacular show my thoughts wandered from, "What are these shriners all about anyway and is it really a good moral thing for me to be here?" to "I am so happy and so blessed." It doesn't get much better than a fun night with your family. I loved experiencing the wonder and joy with the boys (and Jon too of course). And so, as a lady swung from a swing way up above our heads and some dogs were dancing and climbing up ladders, I was caught up in a true prayer of joy and gratitude. There I was.... praying at the circus. Awesome!

I often comment that my life is like a circus. Maybe I could develop that analogy in another post, but for now I'm just so thankful for fun family adventures. It's these times I want to savor and remember.

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  1. Awww...I remember our days at the circus! I'm glad Jon could get away for your family outing. I'm sure it did everyone a lot of good to be together again. It looks like you have a few more pictures to add to your "scrapbook(s)"!