Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Bullies" and Imaginary Friends

Well, the talk about the "Chick-Fil-A Bully" continued today. In my last post I failed to mention that the kid was dressed like *Batman.* The boys have been calling him "that bad Batman bully." I also forgot to mention the most hilarious quote of the evening. As I was having a very serious conversation with the boys about following Jesus and treating people with respect, I told them I never want them to be bullies. Ray reminded me that he DOES want to be a "bully" when he grows up and he wants to play for the *Blue Jackets." It took me a minute to realize he thought I was talking about goalies. So, who knows how much of my wonderful speech made any sense in their beady little heads. Meanwhile, I will continue to pray that they don't become bullies. I'm not even thrilled with the thought of them becoming goalies. I don't want anyone shooting anything at them! (Some of you know my track record with flying hockey pucks!) I'm praying for "that bad Batman bully" too, but the boys were quite half-hearted about that prayer tonight.

The other thing I want to share today is Adam's new t-shirt....

It says, "Some of my best friends are imaginary." It is so perfect for him! He will even tell me, "Mommy, I'm in my imaginary world right now. I am a mouse and you are a platypus. Ok?" My responses vary from, "Ok, whatever" to "You've got to be kidding me" to "You better run little mouse or I'm going to eat you!" I can't even tell you how many times he's asked me, "Mommy, who do you want to be?" Then I have to come up with some character or animal that meets his approval. Fun.

I am so glad that the child has an imagination. (Ray, like his father, is very literal and serious.) I want to nurture it, but I'm beginning to wonder where to draw the line. Adam loves to role play and pretend and he also now spends lots of time drawing things that he imagines. It's interesting to get a glimpse of what he's thinking. Perhaps he will continue on a creative path. Meanwhile, I just wish I could get a picture of him without his tongue sticking out.

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  1. Adam souds just like Zak and Erin. They share an imaginary world and are constantly pretending to be some kind of animal. It's so funny that he asks you that Z and E are constantly asking each other (and us) "Who are you?"