Monday, March 15, 2010

God Knows What He's Doing!

On a recent trip to the *Kingdom of Bounce* - as my boys and their friend flipped down a slide, pounced on each other, shrieked, and leaped up the stairs to do it all again - I overhead a lady say to her friend, "God really knew what he was doing when he gave me girls!"

My immediate unspoken-aloud sarcastic response was, "Yeah, thanks a lot God!" I always pictured myself having cute, well-behaved girly-girls. Jon has five sisters and I have two. Neither of us has any brothers. We just assumed we'd have girls.

So many times -like when the boys are flipping, pouncing, shrieking, and leaping - I question why God gave me boys. There are so many things they do that I just don't "get." I am amazed at the things they do (wrestling, getting really dirty, jumping off furniture) and the things they like (trucks, trains, mud, monsters)... amazed at how "boyish" they are even though we didn't "try" to instill those things in them.

Honestly, I would never have chosen to have boys... but they are the greatest gifts God has given me - so much better than what I would have chosen for myself - and I thank God for them everyday. He really does know what he's doing. Thank you, God, for not always giving us what we think we want or need.

Truly, I have already learned so much from these little boys. I never knew or cared AT ALL about trains. Now I am practically a walking encyclopedia of train trivia. More seriously, though, it is fascinating to see the world along with them. My perspectives are broadened and deepened everyday. I'd be missing out on so much if I wasn't their mom.

I am humbled, challenged and stretched in this sacred "job" that I do. There are great parts and really hard parts. But I know God put me right where I am with these two cute, active, intelligent, energetic, amazing boys. Thank you God!

Of course I'm not saying that boys are better than girls. My heart still longs for a daughter. I actually started to cry at *Target* this weekend when I saw the PERFECT little Easter dress. I briefly entertained the idea of forcing Adam to wear it.... but instead I took a deep breath and told God that I trust him. I know he knows what he's doing and he's with me every step of the way.

I'll close with some pictures of today's very BOYISH Science activity.... which the boys totally loved. I can't believe I actually spent my day doing this! We made "worm habitats." This week we are learning about birds. Today's lesson included talking about what birds eat and this was a suggested activity. Not only did we get dirt and sand all over my kitchen table and floor..... we also went out digging for worms in the mud. AND now the "habitats" are nestled in the boys' closets so we can observe them every day this week. (I can hardly wait!) If I wake up with a worm crawling on me, you'll hear me scream wherever you are!

*This is NOT a dinner salad! ;)

*They look like they are wincing, but I think I just took the picture at the wrong moment. They had NO PROBLEM touching the worms and adding them to their habitats. Adam already told me he will never set his worms free. They are his pets and he loves them.

*In this shot Adam is pretending to be a bird about to eat the worm! Yum!

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