Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life is like a box of chocolates...

We had the privilege today of touring the *Anthony Thomas* Chocolate Factory with our friends from the Saint Matthew playgroup. It was really neat to see the factory with all the assembly lines and machinery. The boys kept comparing what they saw to the book "Curious George Visits the Chocolate Factory" (which I ended up reading THREE times before bed tonight). We saw huge chocolate bunnies that the boys now believe the Easter Bunny will bring them. We even got a free sample --- a chocolate Buckeye! Of course we also had to shop in their store and get a few treats, including a chocolate calculator for Daddy!

As I watched the ladies working in the factory, sorting and packaging the chocolates, it seemed like a pretty good job to me. There was such order to it. I thought it would really be good for my perpetually-sought-after senses of accomplishment and well-being. Then I thought about having to smell the chocolate every day and how much I'd probably want to buy it and eat it and how much I would weigh if I actually worked there..... and I figured it probably isn't my true calling.

I couldn't resist thinking about *Forest Gump* and his famous quote --- "Life is like a box of chocolates.... you never know what you're going to get." How true it is! Forget the senses of well-being, accomplishment, and clarity that I have spent so many years pursuing. I think I'm finally old enough to accept that those things aren't my ultimate goals and focusing on them is futile anyway.

Our tour guide today was telling us a bit about how they mark the different kinds of chocolates, but I think it's best just to pick one, be surprised, and really savor and enjoy it. The children must be teaching me to embrace a new lifestyle.... probably teaching me the lessons God's been trying to get me to learn for a long time. I can't control everything. I'm not supposed to. I need to savor each moment and be ok with some chaos and surprises.

Thank God for chocolate!

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