Friday, March 26, 2010

Scrapbooking - Part One

Yes, I am a scrapbooker.... one of those crazy, anal-retentive collectors of mementos, photos, stickers, paper, and various other doo-dads.

I have binders and scrapbooks full of my memories from high school, college, and beyond.

I made a wedding scrapbook and I keep an anniversary scrapbook in which I put an annual picture of Jon and me as well as a list of special events and memories from each year.

Then, when Ray came along, it got really serious. I kept a baby book AND a first year calendar (in which I wrote something about Ray or what he did every day) AND photo albums AND I made a scrapbook of his first year that is over 100 pages long!

Yes, I have been ridiculed about this. (I won't mention your names!) I've been told that neither Ray nor anyone else will ever really care about all of this stuff.

I know, it was really thorough. BUT - when he becomes a bishop or the pope, his life will be very well-documented.

Really, I know that the scrapbooks and the whole process of making them are for me. I don't have a great memory. By making the books and keeping them and looking at them, I preserve the memories of the things I don't want to forget. They are treasures to me.

What about Adam? Well, I found out I was pregnant when Ray was nine months old. I spent the whole pregnancy working on finishing up Ray's first year scrapbook so I could start on Adam's when he was born. And I did. I felt like I had to do everything for Adam that I did for Ray. So, yes, now I have two sets of baby books, first year calendars, photo albums, and 100+page first year scrapbooks on a shelf in my upstairs hallway. (Feel free to come visit this "museum of Ray and Adam" anytime!) ;)

I have to admit that I am not going to win any awards for these scrapbooks. Serious scrapbookers spend hours and hours and lots of money on each page and they make it look just right. I have my own style. I like to use colorful paper, lots of photos, stickers, etc. I also like to write my own captions. They are simple, but special reminders of special moments in life.

So, now that the boys are both well past their first year of life, what kind of scrapbooks do I keep? The answer to that.... in my next post!

Happy Weekend!

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