Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marriage Proposals

One of the best things about being a mom to preschool age boys is the almost daily marriage proposals that I receive. It seems like just yesterday I was wondering if I would ever find a man to marry. Now I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband AND two adorable little men who swear to me that they will never find another girl they want to marry. They only want to marry me.

Today the boys actually had a little fight about which one of them is going to marry me first. It is so sweet (their love for me - not the fighting). I am awed by how much they love me... especially because I know I'm not the most beautiful, loving, perfect mom in the world. But I am their mom and I do love them with all my heart.

When the boys talk about marrying me, I try to do several things. First, I celebrate with them how much we love each other. Then I try to plant seeds in their minds and hearts about marriage. I just make simple statements about how beautiful and wonderful marriage is and how it's such a gift from God and how I thank God every day for giving me their daddy for a husband. I tell them to pray for their future wife, whoever she may be. (Of course many of you know that MY plan - ha ha - is that Ray will be a bishop someday!)

The other thing I do is say a quick prayer asking God to help me be a good wife and mother AND to help me love myself as he does, as Jon does, as the boys do.... to accept that I am beautiful enough and good enough to receive such love.

Every Friday we drive through downtown Columbus on the way to *Good Shepherd* and we pass the *Renaissance Hotel* (formerly the "Adam's Mark"). One week I told the boys that we had our wedding party (reception) there. I told them it was such a happy day. Now, without fail, one of them always points it out and says, "That's where mommy and daddy got weddinged. It was such a happy day!" Usually one of them will ask, "Mommy, when are we gonna get weddinged?" And so, every week I try to say some little thing to witness to them about the beauty of the holy Sacrament of Marriage.

Of course the bigger challenge that Jon and I face is to model each day what married love can and should be like. It is humbling and awesome to know that the boys learn about marriage by watching us love one another every day.

God of Love, thank you for the gift of Marriage. Please strengthen the bond between Jon and I --- and between all married couples --- so that we may grow in love and mirror for others, especially our children, the beauty and power of true love. Be our strength and our guide today and always. Amen.


  1. Wow, Katie. Thanks for the gentle reminder of how important a happy marriage is in the lives of our children. I'll never forget a sign I saw at preschool when my kids were there. It read, "The best gift a father can give his children is to love their mother". Good for you and for being such a huge influence on Ray and Adam's little lives. You are not only their hero, you're mine as well!
    P.S. One day I'll tell the boys the details of your "wedding party"! Well, maybe not ALL of the details! :)

  2. I could add a few things about that wedding party myself! We know Ray is going to be the Bishop what happened to Adam being the Pope? Am I supposed to stop praying for that:)