Friday, March 12, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

It's amazing how much better we all feel when we can get outside and breathe some fresh air and run around a bit! We've had a hint of spring the past few days and it has really helped our spirits.

After *Good Shepherd* today we took a bike ride and went down to our neighborhood park. (Yes - they were riding their bikes. That's why they're wearing their helmets. I don't make them wear helmets to play at the park --- usually.) Then the boys enjoyed playing in the muddy backyard. (The loads of laundry were worth it today.)

Jon took a break from taxes and came home for dinner. He was playing with the boys and this is what I saw when I came in the room.....

Yes, the taxes ARE getting to his head.... but here he was actually playing this game...

It's one of our favorites for an after-dinner active game. We also really like *Hullabaloo* and *Dr. Suess' Super Stretchy ABC Game* as well as marching around the house with *OSU* marching band music blaring! It's amazing the things we'll do to entertain active young boys. These are the things we didn't think about before we had children.... when we could sit and relax and watch the news after dinner! Fortunately, we'll soon be able to take after-dinner walks and bike rides and even swims! Come on Spring - we're ready!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to change your clocks!

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