Tuesday, March 23, 2010

(Almost - Not Quite) "Totally Terrific Tuesday"

Today was a pretty good day --- for a Tuesday.

We did a good amount of schoolwork this morning. We read Spring poems. The boys drew pictures of Spring and narrated to me some of their favorite things about Spring.

Then we took a quick shopping trip and purchased rain boots. I am so tired of washing the mud off the boys' shoes! Adam seems to be quite the mud magnet! Here's a picture of his BRAND NEW boots after just ten minutes in the yard today. (Let me just say that the boots actually look better than the snot and mud mixture that coated his face!)

We have really been enjoying watching the very hungry birds DEVOUR the bird seed in the feeder that hangs right outside our kitchen window. However, when we sat down to lunch today, we noticed that the bird feeder was GONE! Here's what we saw when we looked out the window---

It was very funny to hear the boys hypothesize about how the bird feeder ended up smashed and broken on the ground. The theories involved big flocks of hungry birds, squirrels, geese, and *Scooby Doo*. Needless to say, we need a new bird feeder.

This evening we went to *Chick-Fil-A* for a special *Veggie Tales* Family Night. We had a really good time. Jon took a break from work to join us. My sisters and their children were there. Our favorite balloon guy was there. (Really, we have a "balloon guy." Randy from Ballooniacs came to Ray's birthday party and did an AWESOME job!) The boys got balloon sculptures and had their faces painted. They got *Veggie Tales* coloring booklets and they watched some of the newest *Veggie Tales* video. They also ate some dinner and played in the play area.

It was such a fun time, even despite the fact that Adam ended the evening by hitting a boy who was "being mean to him and hitting him first" in the play area. How humbling it is to carry a screaming three year old out of a crowded restaurant! When the screaming ended (MANY minutes later), we actually had a very good lesson about Jesus' model of relating to other people. It's really difficult for three and five year olds to grasp that not only is it hard to use self-control and ALWAYS treat other people with respect, but also that not every family has the same rules and beliefs. The boys were really mad that the "mean boy" was still playing and not getting in trouble.

Anyway, I'm trying to forget that part of the evening. It was a typical Tuesday.... a little bit terrible and a little bit terrific. Thank you, God, for all of the moments and opportunities you give us each day.... moments to praise you, to enjoy life, to love one another, to teach and learn important lessons, to ponder, to relax, to play and to pray.

I'm looking forward to Wonderful Wednesday!

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