Monday, March 1, 2010

Embracing the Chaos

Continuing on the theme of being perfect as God is perfect rather than harmfully pursuing my own brand of perfection..... I was put to the test today when the boys and I attended our homeschool group's Valentine party. (Yes, I know Valentine's Day was LAST MONTH. The snow postponed our party and so we celebrated today.)

Picture this.... more than 50 kids (who have been cooped up inside for weeks), at least 20 parents, a not-very-big room at a library. Also, lots of sugary treats, craft projects, valentine boxes, games.... As soon as I arrived with my giant basket of craft supplies, I looked around for where the "craft station" would be and realized there was no such designated area. My sense of well-being was sounding an alarm as more and more families filled the room and plopped down their valentine boxes and the children began looking for things to do. I ended up just spreading out the crafts on the end of one of the tables and I started distributing materials to children with no real directions or order.

Several times I looked around the room in disbelief at how much activity was happening all around me. I exchanged funny looks with some of my mom friends. But as the party got underway I was amazed by how well-behaved all of the children were. They all seemed to be having a good time, enjoying the different projects and visiting with their friends. Even the little ones weren't running around wildly. It was chaotic IN A GOOD WAY.

If I would have planned the party, it would have been much more structured, organized, and directed. It probably wouldn't have been as fun for everyone.

All of the moms contributed and helped in some way. We also were able to visit with one another and relax. I learn so much from these moms. They really work together and support one another. It was funny for me to look around and notice the moms who were completely unfazed by the commotion. They were truly "in the moment" as they worked with their children and visited with their friends. They weren't worried about the craziness or the mess. I want to be more like that.

So, I know that things won't always be as orderly and "controlled" as I'd like them to be. I know that I miss out on learning and fun when I don't let go and live in the moment. I know that there is great treasure in the chaos.

Toward the end of the party, Adam wasn't feeling well. I (VERY CHAOTICALLY) threw all of the craft supplies into my basket and headed home with the boys. Ray talked on and on about what a great party it was. He spent the evening repeatedly looking through his box of valentines from all of his best homeschool "friends" (many of whom he doesn't really know at all). I was happy that he had such a good time and that he feels included and part of a great group. I was happy to be part of such a great group of families. I know we ALL will learn a lot on this homeschooling adventure.

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