Monday, March 22, 2010

Little Saints' Club

Don't these children look like saints to you? We are so blessed to belong to a group of Catholic homeschool families. The families with young children have formed a subgroup called "The Little Saints' Club." We gather once a month and participate in fun activities which mostly focus on the liturgical year. We've had an All Saints' Day party, a bithday party for Baby Jesus, a Saint Patrick's Day gathering, and several other outings and events. The children and the mothers love getting together to play and visit each month.

Yesterday we gathered with some of the Little Saints families and we put together "Stations of the Cross kits." Each child decorated a bag with some cross stickers and their name. They each received a set of Stations cards. Then, as we talked about each station, the children received an object to place in their kits. The objects corresponded with the stations.

(This basic idea has been posted on many blogs, including --- here and here.)
The children were really wowed by the objects and thrilled that they got to keep them. It was sweet to see how much they treasured these holy things. I especially loved hearing them talk about the stations as we went along. They truly love Jesus and they are struggling to understand why he had to die. It was challenging and inspiring for me to talk with them about it.

Here are the objects we used in the kits ----

(leather cord, wooden cross, bandaids - for each time Jesus fell, statue of Mary, hand with heart - symbolizing Simon helping Jesus, picture of Jesus on a cloth, Kleenex - for the women of Jerusalem, felt robe, three nails, a crucifix, a picture of the Pieta, and a rock)

This was the first activity Ray chose to do when we went downstairs at 6:15 this morning! Here you can see how he laid out the cards and matched up the objects that went with them.

I'm sure that these Stations kits will be treasures for years to come!

What a blessing it is to have friends to share our faith - and these kinds of projects - with as we teach our children and learn and grow in our own lives of faith! Praise God!

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