Monday, April 19, 2010

The World According to Adam

Adam has had quite a few great insights and funny comments lately!

On Sunday we attended the First Holy Communion Mass for one of our homeschool friends. As the first communicants processed in, looking very fancy and holy.... walking two-by-two.... girls paired with boys, I pointed out our friend to Adam. He very non-chalantly asked, "So, who's Christian marrying?" I wanted to laugh out loud. I thought I had prepared the boys so well for this special celebration. It reminded me that they don't always completely understand what's going on or how things work. I think the funniest part was how non-interested he sounded.... like he witnesses marriages of eight year olds all the time. I'm sure part of his confusion came from the fact that we were telling the boys that we got married in this particular church. Oh well.... same church, different Sacraments. No big deal to an almost four year old.

Adam has also been telling us that he isn't afraid of anything. He is very brave. When he grows up he wants to be "a defeator." He can defeat anyone or anything. My sister's home was broken into this weekend. Adam has repeatedly told me that he will catch those "badgers" (bad guys) and DEFEAT them! Today I asked him how he will defeat bad guys. He told me he will use the very powerful (flashy, noisy) gun he got at the circus. I love his confidence and innocence.

The boys have also recently discovered "grafitti." When we drive downtown, we see several bridges, train cars, and buildings that are colorfully decorated. The boys are fascinated by it. They search it out. We've had many conversations about how disrespectful it is to deface other people's property. They think the word "graffiti" is hilarious. They use it all the time. On Sunday Adam came to me in the kitchen and said, "Mommy, I am sorry about this but Ray and me did graffiti on the back porch." Ugghhh!!!! Sure enough, they had written with chalk (thankfully) on the carpet or our screened-in porch. Hopefully, the consequences they paid will deter them from further artistic exploits.

Finally, Adam thinks he is a monkey. He wants to climb all the time. Today we went to the park by our house. The boys like to have me lift them onto some big branches on a tree there. They lay on the branches and pretend to be sloths. Today Adam swung around and attempted to hang down from the branch. He scraped his belly, cried for a minute, then got up and walked away saying, "I really didn't think that would happen."

He is so funny.... and such a challenge sometimes as well. He will turn four in a few weeks. Several of my friends and I subscribe to the theory that SOMETHING goes on in a child's body, mind, and spirit during the weeks before and after their birthday. They just seem to be "in an upheaval." Could it be a time of transition or development? Do any of you notice that dynamic as well?

I love this precocious little boy so much! He is certainly entertaining and fun to be with every day.

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