Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inniswood Gardens

It was a beautiful day today. After lunch my mom and I took the boys to Inniswood Gardens Metro Park. It is truly the most beautiful park here in Columbus (in my humble opinion). We especially enjoyed the myriad of flowers in bloom and the pond life (we saw two snakes, a mama turtle with two babies, and LOTS of frogs and tadpoles.) The boys were literally shrieking with delight as they "tickled" the frogs with twigs and made them jump. Miraculously, no one ended up in the water.

Also, the boys are thrilled that we are studying insects this week. They pointed out many insects at the park. At one point Ray told my mom that we are so lucky to be homeschoolers because we can study insects any time we want to.... not just when a teacher says to do it. Apparently plans to study insects quite a bit. He's been searching for them in the yard and carrying around a guide book. Neither of the boys has any qualms about touching and handling ants, spiders, beetles, worms, snails, or anything else they can find in the dirt! Aggghhh!! I still can't believe God gave me boys!

It was a pretty terrific Tuesday for us.... hope yours was good too.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, we love Inniswood.
    Speaking of creepy crawlies, Erin came running over to me today thrilled to show me a worm she found in the backyard! I bet if you had a girl she would do the same! :)