Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Good Shepherd's Garden Party - Week Two

We are continuing our celebration of the Easter Season by adding to our Good Shepherd calendar each day. This week's theme was, "Welcome to the Lord's Table." This is what our chart looks like now:

We had our Garden Party at dinner time on Saturday. We had read all of the Scripture passages and put the stickers on during the week. We celebrated all of the symbols of this theme as follows ---

Table: We set the table beautifully with a fancy tablecloth, flowers, candles, and some fancy dishes.

Chairs: We decorated our chairs with ribbons.

Bread: We made "Lamb of God Bread" using dinner rolls and arranging them to (sort of) resemble a lamb.

Honey: This was the biggest hit of the evening! We put butter and honey on the rolls.

"Wine" --- We used berry-flavored juice mixed with Sprite and drank it from fancy glasses.

Fruit: We enjoyed a delicious fruit salad.

Milk: We are still anticipating the most-anticipated part of this celebration.... ice cream sundaes!

(We added chicken and vegetables to the items listed above and were planning to enjoy the ice cream sundaes after taking a walk. Well, the boys were fighting with each other on our walk and we decided to postpone the dessert. We didn't get to it today either. So, hopefully tomorrow we will enjoy the grand finale of this celebration!)

I am really enjoying planning and presenting these Garden Parties. Perhaps it's the girl in me wanting to have tea parties! I am enjoying getting out special dishes that I haven't used very often. We are trying to use these opportunities to work on table manners with the boys. We are all enjoying these parties as special family time. We are already eagerly anticipating next week's symbolic meal.

Happy Easter! Keep the Alleluia's ringing!


  1. Your "Lamb of God Bread" turned out so cute!

    I hope you get to enjoy those Ice Cream Sundaes soon! :o)

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! God bless!

  2. I'm really enjoying these parties, too. They have truly enriched our Easter season. I think your Lamb of God rolls turned out great! =)

    Happy Easter! He is Risen!