Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Crazy Party at "Tee Tee's"

Our family Easter celebration was supposed to take place at my sister's house. When her daughter woke up with a 102 degree fever, the plans changed and everyone come to our place instead. (My niece and nephew call me "Tee Tee.") Even though I hadn't planned on hosting, I was able to pull off one of my famous crazy parties and everyone had fun. Don't let the smirks in these pictures fool you.... the adults had the best time of all!

Jon VOLUNTEERED to be the bunny for this ring toss game and had loved every minute of it. I was too busy laughing to get a better shot. None of us were very good at this game. My nephew Carter beat us all with just two rings on the ears.
The next activity was making Easter bonnets. This idea came from my sister-in-law Susan. She used to have Easter parades with her Kindergarten class every year. Basically, you take a sturdy paper plate, string a ribbon through it, and then decorate it with lots of crazy stuff. We glued on pom poms, chicks, flowers, mirrors, feathers, ribbons, Peeps, and little construction guys from the sandbox. The boys and I had made ours the day before and it was the grown-ups (especially my Mom and my uncle Duey) who really got into this one. So chic!

And of course we had a big Easter egg hunt. Ray was truly jubilant when he found the silver egg!
I hope your Easter celebrations were as classy and fun as ours! :)

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