Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Precious Prayer

This morning I had one of those moments that I wish I could have on tape, a moment I never want to forget. Ray slept until almost 7:00 (which is a miracle in itself). When he came into our room, Jon was in the shower. He snuggled in bed with me and said, "I think I'll say a morning prayer." He proceeded to pray the most beautiful prayer... with such a heartfelt and simple spirit. I was truly moved to tears. The prayer included these two sentences:

"Lord, I know that you love me completely."

"When I do good things, I carry your cross for you."

I am so inspired and humbled by his growing spirituality. I'm thrilled that he's "getting it." I hope to be able to pray that whole-heartedly and beautifully.

So, there's hope that he'll be a bishop someday, right?

I do have to contrast that moment, however, with a night last week when Adam was scared to go to sleep. I told him that God is with him and will watch over him and protect him. He looked at me, took a deep breath, and said, "Mommy, God is not real." Agghhhh!!!! We then had quite the conversation about what's real and what's not real. I hope he now understand that God is the most real being there is! Even more real than "Tom and Jerry." (Believe me, that was a major point of contention in this conversation.)

It's so great to "do theology" with three and five year olds! I learn so much. Thank you God!

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