Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebrating Easter for 50 Days

Here's how we decorated our prayer table for Easter:

This craft was actually saved from last year. We made this with our Church playgroup. You take a heavy paper plate and cut it in half. Then you cut out a hole for the entrance of the tomb. Glue the piece you cut out next to the hole (representing the stone). Then glue on pictures of an angel and the women who came to the tomb on Easter morning. (We made ours by xeroxing the figures from a set of Easter magnets.) Finish it off with butterfly and flower stickers and "Jesus is Risen!" and "Alleluia!" banners.

We made this craft this year on Holy Saturday. (My friend Shelly emailed this idea to me.) We took a heavy poster board and cut a hole in it. We drew a mountain and sunny sky and decorated it with butterfly and flower stickers. Then we covered a small paper bowl and small paper plate with foil. We taped the bowl to the back of the hole in the poster. (We made the foil stick out in the middle of the bowl, forming a platform and we placed a Kleenex on it.) We used a brad to secure the small paper plate to the front. We also added angel figures and "Alleluia" banners. Now we roll back the "stone" and see the empty tomb!

So far this Easter season, we've been singing lots of "Alleluia's" but we haven't started the "Garden of the Good Shepherd" activity I had planned to complete. We'll see if we can get that going. I really want to CELEBRATE all 50 days of Easter this year.
I highly recommend this blog: http://catholicicing.blogspot.com/. She posted a great idea today for hanging up 50 plastic eggs on Easter. Each egg contains an activity or prayer or treat. One egg is opened every day and the Easter season is celebrated for the full 50 days. I think we'll do that next year!

Another great idea that we haven't gotten to is creating a family Paschal candle.
I hope you're enjoying this Alleluia days and celebrating the Risen Christ in a special way.

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