Friday, April 9, 2010


Hockey has been the main sport of interest here this winter.

After taking a sports intro class at the Y, Ray decided he really liked hockey (FLOOR hockey... no ice yet!) and he signed up to take a seven-week hockey class at the Y. That class just finished up this week. Ray LOVED every class and really wants to learn to ice skate now. He was thrilled to have his Pappy and Mary take him to his last class on Wednesday.

Tonight Adam and his best friend Ryan are at the *Blue Jackets vs. Red Wings* hockey game with their dads. Jon got tickets and "time off" to go tonight from his boss. We took the boys to an afternoon game earlier this season. Although Ray loves to watch hockey, he found the noise of the arena to be overwhelming. So tonight Ray and I had a "mommy date" and Adam and Jon had a "daddy date." (It's so great to get one-on-one time with them once in a while.)

Jon loves when the Wings come to town, but he is always conflicted about which team to cheer for in this situation. (Yes, he is a native Michigander!) So, you'll see in the pictures below which team won out for tonight.

Could "hockey mom" be part of my role in the future? I never imagined that.... but there are lots of things I never imagined myself doing or being. I do know that it is amazing and exciting to support the boys as they begin to discover their own interests and talents. Our last name sure would look great on a jersey!

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