Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Taxed to the Max!"

Tonight I am missing Jon and our "normal" life as he is working so hard to finish up this tax season.

My mother often told me I needed to marry an accountant (when I'd come crying to her about unexpected bills or mystifying interest rates or unbalanceable checkbooks). I followed her advice and the benefits have been great! (Jon takes care of all those headaches for us.) Most of the year we are so blessed because Jon works less than a mile from home. He leaves around 8:30 and comes home around 5:15.... and often stops home for lunch as well.

But tax season is another story. He has been working very very very long hours. Every day. It really wears on him and on all of us. Fortunately, now that the boys are a little bit older, it's easier on us. We have our own routine that is tiring, but do-able for me. The saving grace of this grueling season is that Jon really loves what he does. He loves finding ways to help people save money. He is a hard-working, honest man of integrity. He is brilliant with numbers and codes and forms and all of that accountant stuff. He is the ultimate tax man.... and he loves the "Tax Man" song by the Beatles too! I am so proud of him!

I know that there are lots of other "tax widows" out there tonight. Please join me in praying for all accountants and their families as this tax season comes to a close. May God give all of us the grace and strength to perservere through this challenging time. May we remember to be thankful for our jobs and for the benefits that the taxes provide for us and for all who live in our country. May our work and our lives always reflect our values and morals as faithful followers of Jesus.

Saint Matthew is the patron of our parish and the patron of accountants. Here's a prayer to him as well: "Dear Levi, now known as Matthew, your were first a publican, a tax collector, and then a gatherer of souls for Christ after immediately following his call. Later you wrote wonderful accounts for your Jewish brethren of what Jesus, descendant of David, said and did as Teacher and Savior. Make all accountants imitate your example in giving careful and honest accounts. Amen."

P.S. Don't forget to get your taxes in! We're at 50 hours and counting! (Of course, as always, we're filing an extension!)

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