Friday, December 16, 2011

Reindeer Day

It was "Reindeer Day" in our homeschool today!

Are these some crazy looking reindeer or what?

We learned about reindeer and had a great debate about whether or not they can really fly. It's difficult to convince a kindergartener that real reindeer can't fly! We talked about what reindeer do, are, and have. We read "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and sang the song about a bazillion times. We played some "reindeer games" which involved lots of leaping and prancing.

The boys practiced spelling and writing the word "reindeer."

They made these reindeer crafts -

We also made "peppermint playdoh" today. Here's a snowman made by Adam. (He made me promise to put this on the blog.)

I'm hoping that we can keep doing some school just about every day through the holidays. We'll scale back, enjoy lots of festivities, and relax a bit.... but keep our brains working and some semblance of our routine going.

Just about all of the ideas and resources I'm using for these theme days come from Pinterest! I'm still loving that site!

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