Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas in Michigan

We had a really nice time celebrating Christmas with Jon's family in Michigan last weekend. We had a lovely get together at one of Jon's sisters' home. As always, the boys were totally spoiled with lots and lots of Christmas gifts. Their grandma especially loves spoiling them. Jon has gotten really good at loading up a van FULL of stuff for the trip back.

The boys love staying at the hotel in Michigan and swimming with their cousins. I think they swam five times in a three day period!

Here are some pictures from the trip ---

The boys with giant bags of gifts from Grandma

The difference between a five year old and a 7 year old --- Adam was shrieking with joy and loving everything. Ray was constantly eyeing Adam to see what he got and make sure things were "fair."

Ray got a whole bunch of Playmobil sets from Grandma!

I love this picture of my sweet niece. She actually got a hippopotamus (pillow pet) for Christmas! And she could sing "All I Want for Christmas is My Front Teeth" too!

Adam and Aunt Susan

I enjoy seeing my mother-in-law watch the kids open their gifts. It gives her so much joy.

An awesome lego game they've been wanting! It's fun!

Ray and his cousin Emmett

The cousins

Grandma and the Grandkids

Jon with his mom and five sisters

Grandma and Addie

Giant snowman!!!

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