Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bosco Boys Club - "Initiative"

We had a wild time with the Bosco Boys Club on Tuesday! This month's virtue is "INITIATIVE."

We talked about Saint Vincent dePaul and all that he did to care for the most needy people of his day. We brainstormed ways that we can help others, especially in our own homes during this busy time of holiday preparation. Each of the boys wrote down one way he plans to take initiative in loving and helping someone this month. They offered these virtuous deeds to Jesus by placing their slips of paper into his stocking.

We had yummy snacks. Thanks Fouts family!

We had cup stacking races.

Each of the boys made a Christmas gift for his mom. I won't spoil it here.... but it involved glitter and glass and glue.... and they did such a nice job!

And then, the highlight of the meeting for most of the boys ---- We played with pom pom poppers! It was wild. It was crazy. It was loud. It was FUN!!! They shot at the targets I brought and at the ceiling and of course at each other (and me).

I was so proud of the boys because they had a great time and no one got hurt and they cleaned it all up on their own. (There were hundreds of pom poms all over the room!) Go Bosco Boys!!!

 The pom pom popper idea came from Pinterest (of course). You can see it here -- . (If you need a last minute Christmas gift for ANYBODY... just save your money and make these. They're fun!)

If you've got a boy in our club..... give him plenty of ideas for ways he can take initiative around your house!

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