Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Human Body Unit

We just finished learning about the systems of the human body. We made these cool body systems books!

 Some up-close views ---

I got this idea from this picture on Pinterest ---

Pinned Image

And then I drove myself crazy trying to find a printable version for the boys to color. I ended up making blank body outlines and adding sentences for each body system. I am thrilled with how well the boys drew the systems. They definitely learned more by having to draw the parts themselves. Then I taped the pages in an accordian fold. They turned out great... even better than the inspiration from Pinterest. ;) Now I just need to figure out how to pin my own work so others can use it.

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  1. Hi. I did the exact same thing. Saw the other one on pinterest and then when looking and found yours. I was going to pin it but I don't see a link to your printable though.