Friday, December 16, 2011

Elf Day

The excitement is building here as Christmas draws near. The boys are quite preoccupied with all things Christmas, so I decided to work with their enthusiasm rather than against it. We've temporarily set aside many of our regular school routines and we're enjoying some Christmas "theme days." They don't know it (please don't let them in on my secret), but we're still reading and writing and counting and learning and thinking. They're just having too much fun to realize it. :)

So yesterday was officially declared "ELF DAY" here. After our Advent readings and Jesse Tree devotions, we finished up a bit of learning about Lewis and Clark. Then I mysteriously turned into Mrs. Claus, complete with a costume and a crazy voice. (So sorry I didn't get a picture of this.... but my friend Michelle did come to the door and witness the spectacle.) I asked the boys if they wanted to become elves for the day.

First they had to complete an elf application.

Then they had to take an elf test to see if they were capable of making toys and helping with Christmas preparations.

 Next they each made elf crafts.

 Finally, they were awarded their elf "accessories."

We read these two elf -themed books --

We spent much of the rest of the day doing some crafting, baking, wrapping, and other preparations for upcoming family Christmas celebrations. I was so blessed to have such good little elf helpers!

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  1. Can you be my teacher? You are so much fun!
    If my kids saw this they would run away to be home schooled by you.