Friday, December 23, 2011

Holly, Jolly, Happy, Busy, Holy Days

Adam's been walking around for the past two days saying, "I'm a happy boy!" in such a sweet sing-song voice. He is just loving all of the Advent rituals and Christmas preparations. He is so excited for the next few days to get here. We all are. But there is just something so precious about a five year old's pure joy and excitement. I am trying to drink it all in, to see things with his eyes, and to really enjoy what these days are all about. It has, indeed, been lots of fun around here.

We got to watch my nephew Carter all day on Wednesday. The boys played happily together. We made some gingerbread boys and little houses.

 A fun Christmas dessert ---

The boys have really loved our Jesse Tree readings and ornaments.

I made them their own big trees on their bedroom doors. Each morning they have colored the day's ornament and put it on their trees.

When we got to the O Antiphons, they wanted ornaments for those too... so I made them and we added them.

Our beautiful O Antiphon house
Now I need to make ornaments for the 12 days of Christmas. I'm so glad they're loving these Advent traditions.

Today I had the great privilege of enjoying one of my favorite Christmas traditions.... a day out with my "bestest" --- my friend Susan. She lives in San Antonio now and it's such a treat when she comes to visit. Instead of buying gifts for each other, we spend a day together. She accused me of never putting her picture on my blog, so here she is ----- standing outside the awesome restaurant where we had lunch. (Watch out Susan... I have LOTS of other pictures of you that may appear here someday soon.)

We did some shopping and we got our nails all fancied up for Christmas !

 It's so fun this time of year to come home to yummy, amazing treats from friends! Thanks Kelly!

This evening Jon and I took the boys out separately to purchase small gifts for one another. Then, Ray bought us all dinner! He had a free pizza certificate he earned from the Boy Scout popcorn sale. He was so proud to take us all out for pizza!

We ended this day with a trip downtown to enjoy the Christmas lights! (Unfortunately, my camera wasn't
working quite right and a lot of my pictures turned out blurry... but here are a few good ones.)

A local insurance company has been putting up a beautiful Nativity display for many, many years. I remember visiting it as a child. Now it's a tradition for our family to visit it each year.

How wonderful it is to see the TRUE reason for the season displayed so beautifully and boldly right in the middle of downtown Columbus. All of the lights and gifts and traditions are about Him and for Him. We love you, Jesus, and we celebrate your birth once again. Help us to recognize your presence with us. We want to love you and adore you. We want to welcome you anew into our hearts and homes. Amen.

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