Monday, August 26, 2013

Water Science

Of course - now that school has started - the weather has finally gotten warmer. We enjoyed a backyard water science day with some friends last week.
We  built boats.
It required some trial and error to get actual sea-worthy vessels that would float.

We played the old "sink or float" game.
Did you know that Coke sinks and Diet Coke floats?
Or that an orange floats, but when you take off the peel it sinks?
Adam working in his Science journal.
Which ice cube melted fastest?
We tried plain ice cube, wrapped in paper towel, wrapped in foil, in water, with salt, with sugar, with sand, and in salt water.
The salt water won of course.
My godson doing a little bit of "fishing" for colored ice cubes.
Making sculptures with colored ice.

Floating boats on a tin foil river.
Thankfully, Pappy and Mary were around to help.
They mostly cleaned up after all our messes.
With their help, the yard and house did not end up looking like Armageddon after all this.
Carter and Ava were here too for a while.
This is the boat-building station.

I had frozen water balloons and then peeled off the balloons.
We had fun shaking salt on them and then squirting liquid watercolors over them.
We watched the paint go down into the tunnels that the ice had made.

And finally.... we just had some good fun running in the sprinkler and playing on the Slip and Slide!
Hooray for Summer!
Hooray for learning and playing together!

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