Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Beautiful Day at the Ohio State Fair

One fun summer tradition we have is attending the Ohio State Fair. We took last year off because it was unbearably hot, but this year we enjoyed a beautiful and surprisingly cool day at the fair. As the boys get older, the trip is so much more fun. They really enjoy checking out all the interesting animals and exhibits and I don't have to spend the whole day worrying about losing them in the crowd. I'd love to go back through the years and compile some pictures of them from each year at the fair, especially at the petting zoo (which somehow is always a big highlight). Here are some shots from this year's visit....

Although we had no luck catching anything, we really enjoyed fishing at the Natural Resources Park. And we even got to listen to a choir concert while we fished!

Fortunately, the boys weren't real interested in the rides this year.... except for the giant slide! And they are old enough now that Jon and I didn't have to go with them! I think they rode it four times.

Foot-long corndogs!

Dippin Dots
Adam sure does love fair food!

Adam definitely was the most photogenic on fair day.
He HAD to have this inflatable Mohawk hat.
Suits him, huh?

Although I didn't get a good picture of the teams of horses and wagons, we enjoyed sitting and watching them parade into the coliseum.

Love of my life!

This calf was JUST born.
We had fun watching it try to stand and walk.

This picture just makes me laugh.
Mohawk Ray and a calf butt.
This was Adam's favorite "game" at the fair.
It was a version of the show "Wipeout."
He LOVED jumping over and ducking under the revolving arms.
Even before we got to the fair, Ray was planning to play this game.
He was very serious and intense as he threw the ping pong balls.
He won not one, but TWO prizes....
and immediately stated that he would let Adam have the second one.
So sweet!

What did he win?

...which I got to carry the whole way to the car.
I got lots of "Wow! Lucky you!" comments.
Yes, we came home with two new pets.
And the next day at the pet store the clerk told me he's had lots of customers just like us.
Ray is thrilled with his new pets, for which he's been asking for a long time.

 It was a great family fun day at the Ohio State Fair!

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