Friday, August 16, 2013

Ha Ha Honeychild!

Last night I enjoyed attending a pro-life banquet with some friends. The star attraction was the Duggar family, whom I adore. It was awesome to see and hear them speak again. They are such a beautiful witness to Christian family life.

Both times that I've seen the Duggars, I've been struck by the way Michelle so lovingly looks up at Jim Bob. She listens to him so attentively. I think I need to be more like this when Jon speaks. Except we're the same height, so I won't be looking up. And I'll probably squench up my face really funny. But I'm going to try.

When I got home from the banquet, I caught up on some emails and was checking some blogs. Somehow I linked into the FUNNIEST blog I have EVER seen. Please check it out at Mama Knows, Honeychild. But make sure you go to the bathroom first (trust me) and you have a lot of time to read and laugh and cry. Seriously, this lady is awesome! This is not just slapstick humor. She is a Catholic homeschooling mom who is very witty and draws very funny pictures to go along with her stories. She makes you laugh really hard because you can relate to everything she's saying about the real grit of family life. But then, when you're crying with laughter, she turns the tone and helps you see God's love and grace in the midst of your own messy, crazy vocation. It's profound.

So I got to reading this blog --- in bed with my laptop. I tried so hard to be quiet. But finally I just lost it. I blurted out a huge laugh. Jon shot straight up in bed and was not amused. It was 12:30am. I could not stop reading. I ended up going into the spare room and reading for another hour. I am totally sleep deprived today, but it was so worth it. Here's a sample of my favorite posts ----

*Have you ever felt resentful of those Downton Abbey girls with the little bells to call their servants who bring their breakfast and brush their hair and clean their rooms ..... while you're dealing with the real world of demanding kids, sickness, a messy house, and a mile-long to-do list? If so, you've got to read this ---

*Do you love free samples at the grocery store, Jesus, and Mr. Rogers? Read this ----

*Do you enjoy an enormous snack buffet while watching Biggest Loser? Get neurotic about wild animals attacking your family on vacation/camping? Try to turn things like dead bats into magical homeschool teaching moments? Yep. She's got all that too.

And then there's the post that put me COMPLETELY over the edge . The one that made me laugh loud, really loud. I couldn't stop. "Adventure in Family Prayer." HYSTERICAL! I could totally relate to everything single thing in this post. Been there. Thought that.

My favorite picture ----

My favorite quote (goes with the picture) ---

"Hail Mary full of grace, HEY! You don't chew the rosary! It's a rosary! It's not a box of raisinettes!!  You don't eat tha- WAIT. Why are there only 9 beads on that decade you're holding?!?!"
"Holy Mary, Mother of SOHELPMEGOD you better keep your HANDS to YOURSELF and stop touching your brother's EYEBALL."

 And so on. And so forth. Foreverandever Amen."

So, I'm off to the awesome Retreat for Catholic Homeschooling Mothers! If you've got free time this weekend, READ THIS BLOG!

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