Thursday, August 15, 2013

School Room Updates

 It's almost school time! The plans are submitted to the school district. The books are here. The schedule is made. And now..... the school room is ready! My dad and Mary purchased some great supplies for us and helped me do some re-arranging and updating in our school room. We were able to purchase some used school desks from a local district for $5.00! They are perfect! Here's a peek inside our little school ----

My helpers!
We even took the curtains down and washed them!

The whiteboard is a new addition.
I just love having the crucifix over it.... just like in Catholic school!
The new desks!
They have cubbies for books and supplies.
We put cards on top with alphabet, number line, etc.
(I took the big alphabet down off the wall.)

The view from where I sit.

My work area
Ray was the first to try out the new whiteboard.

Adam came in to check out the changes....
wearing his "thinking cap!"
Mari --- our supervisor!
 We've been doing a little Math and reading each day this summer. This past week we started their new Math books. Beginning next week we'll start easing into our full school schedule. My plan is to be full throttle by the 26th! 2nd and 3rd grade.... here we come!

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