Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Cub Scout Family Campout

We went camping last weekend. The boys' Cub Scout pack held a family campout at Jackson Lake Campground. We enjoyed beautiful weather and many fun activities with some very nice families.

Yes, those of you who know me know that I am NOT a camper. And after this experience I can honestly still say that I am NOT a camper. But I did survive. I tried to smile a lot. I did have some fun. But wow is it yucky to wake up on an air mattress... still covered in bug spray and sunscreen.... feeling cold and damp.... smelling last night's campfire.... looking at the messy tent with piles of dirty clothes.... and knowing that the bathroom is a far walk away and a shower is several hours away. Just saying.... that's not a good feeling. Especially when you spent most of the night dreaming about and checking for wild raccoons.

My favorite weekend of the year continues to involve camping, though. It's the Father-Son Campout for our homeschool group! ;) Seriously, I'm so glad Jon likes to do these things with the boys. They love it.

We borrowed this awesome big tent from our friends!
It really worked out great.

The boys enjoyed swimming in the campground pool.
Big, fun playset
Hanging out in the tent

Playing Frisbee
The boys really enjoyed the Frisbee golf course.

Within minutes of arriving at camp, Adam had amassed an arsenal of "weapons."

This boy just loves hiking and exploring.
We need to do more of that.
Yummy dinner!

Corn hole

What's a campout without a good game of chess?

Jon was quite the joiner in all the camp cooking and clean up tasks.
Out for an evening hike
Ray loves to roast marshmallows, but doesn't like to eat them. I think he supplied roasted marshmallows for all of the adults.
Adam found a new friend!

We are blessed to be part of this wonderful group!

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