Monday, August 5, 2013

More Summer Science

We're continuing to enjoy lots of summer adventures.... and squeezing some science in when we can.
We visited the super cool fountains downtown. We splashed and played.... and did a little experiment with water, paper towels, and watercolor markers. We watched colors separate as the marked paper towels became saturated. Fun little observation.

While we were playing, a representative from the Columbus Crew soccer team showed up with this trophy. It was like the Pied Piper... All the kids followed him and wanted their pictures taken.

This little guy... and several of his relatives are living in our backyard. We've been observing, sketching, and (sadly) pretty much torturing the poor guy. I hope he soon gets smart and hops to our neighbor's yard where he'll be safer.

Last week we visited a new Metro Park --- Battelle Darby Creek. The weather has continued to be beautiful and cool... and we had a perfect park day. I highly recommend this park! The nature center was amazing... with an actual stream inside and lots of interactive exhibits. We also played on the playground and took a really nice hike. We tried to see the herd of six bison... but only got to see them from a distance.

Our next science adventure ---- WATER DAY at our house this Friday! It's going to be WET and WILD!

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