Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Through the Years

I found myself feeling nostalgic tonight as we celebrated Halloween. I can't belive how quickly the boys are growing up. It is so fun to have family traditions and memories now. Here's a look at all of their Halloween costumes so far!

2005 - Ray as Elmo. He was so thrilled as you can tell!
2006 - Adam as an adorable clown. Ray in his first year as Thomas. We had to pin up his costume so he wouldn't trip.
2007 - Ray in his second year as Thomas. Adam was a hilarious chicken. He refused to wear the hat. He insisted on carrying two buckets. They plopped down on this yard and just laughed and took in the sights.
2008 - Adam as Tigger.... again refusing to wear the hood.
Ray in his third year as Thomas.
2009 - Ray as a (very serious and tired) racecar driver.
Adam as "BLOB" from Monsters and Aliens.
My mom had a blast making that one!
2010 - Ray as a lion.
Adam as Charlotte the Spider.
(Again, mom had fun meeting Adam's specific Halloween demands.)
2011 - Ray as Luigi and Adam as Mario.
Adam will probably insist on wearing his costume year-round.
I can't wait to see what the future years bring!  

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