Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy All Saints Day!

Just a few days ago several of the moms from our homeschool group decided to put together an All Saints Day party. We gathered for Mass this morning and then for snacks and games. We had a wonderful morning.
How's this for "saintly" boys?
Adam was Saint Michael and Ryan was Saint George.
After all the costume parties we've had, I didn't have much energy left for today.
Adam came up with this lovely ensemble himself.
Check out the gold skirt... and he's got red (fairy) angel wings from the dollar store!

Each family introduced their saints.

How cute is this?
All these holy little ones.... loving the saints and growing in faith!

Fortunately, we had games from previous years' celebrations to pull out at the last minute.
This is the famous saint marching game.
Ray (also a rag-tag Saint Michael) and his friend Abe (Saint Nicholas in need of a miter tune-up)
Our friend Clare with a ball toss game she and her mom made.

We also pulled out the halo toss game.

I printed a great saint bingo game from Shower of Roses.

We also played a web game... calling out the names of saints as we tossed the ball of yarn and made a web. We talked about how we are all connected as one holy family -- the church here on earth and the saints in heaven.

Cutests saints ever!
Pray for us, all you holy saints of God.

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