Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vacation Pictures

It seems like we've been back from the beach for a long time, but I still haven't posted about our adventures. For that matter, I still haven't put away my toiletries bag or suitcase yet either. Some things just take time! ;) So, finally, here are some glimpses at the fun we had on our Myrtle Beach vacation.

We really enjoyed seeing COTTON fields on the drive South!

As soon as we arrived, we had to go down to the beach.... even though it was quite chilly!

There was no way Adam and Ray were going to just go down and "check out" the beach. They were in the water - in their clothes - in a flash! The pier you see in this picture was right next to the condo where we stayed. We walked on the pier and saw fishermen catching SHARKS!

Snuggling with Adam on the (windy, but awesome) balcony of the 18th floor condo.

Ray under the pier.

We stayed in this building - Margate Tower - in a beautiful condo owned by my dad's sister.

Dad and Ray on the pier (looking down at the SHARKS!)

We headed to the aquarium right after church on our first full day at the beach. All of our ocean learning really came alive here. The boys made lots of connections between what they saw here and what we had been reading and learning as part of our ocean unit. It was awesome!

Dad giving a high five to the aquarium diver :)

At the aquarium, we rode on a conveyor belt and watched the sea life swimming all around - and over -us!

Very strange sea creatures!

Adam sketching a giant jaw bone at the aquarium

Jon enjoying the waves

Mary (my dad's wife) did such an awesome job of weaving together fun and learning for the boys. She brought her collection of shells and other marine treasures for the boys to study and sketch.

Beach Scavenger Hunt!
Sand castle engineers! Adam made Jon dig a trench all the way down to the water to fill up the moat!

Dad flying a kite. Most days were pretty overcast like this, but we fair skinned folks really didn't mind! In this picture you can see me scanning the water for sharks! ;)

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