Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Fun Family Halloween Party

Last night we hosted a fun Halloween party for our family and some friends. We had a crazy good time! The kids (and some grown-ups) wore their Halloween costumes. My mom and I made some big pots of soup and everybody brought yummy food to share. The house and yard were decorated with really fun stuff given to me by my Aunt Ann. We played tons of good games. I got some great pictures of the fun, but there's so much I missed.... wonderful costumes, fun food, prize bags, silly games. Oh well.... I guess I was too busy "partying" but here are some pictures I did snap!

My beautiful mother arriving in style.... with her special Halloween harido! We think she should keep it all year!

We created this "tunnel of terror" and a "haunted house" under our playset. We had so much fun decorating it and the kids enjoyed playing in it all evening.

Halloween Jello Jigglers and a Jello BRAIN! These were the biggest hit with the kids!
"Mario" Cousins!
What a cute kittie!
"Mister Incredible!"
Blessed Kateri and Little Orphan Annie
A princess, a dancer, and a baby!
Crawling through the "tunnel of terror"

A power ranger playing the Halloween ball toss game
A beautiful princess!
Ray eating "dinner" in the "haunted house"

Lovely ladies --- mom and Colleen.
Thanks Mom for the yummy soup and cookies.
Thanks Colleen for doing all the dishes!
You both rock!
Bingo prizes!
Playing Halloween Bingo
Face painting!
Thanks Pam!

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

Look who had more fun than anyone!
We gave lottery ticket prizes to any adult willing to taste the Jello brain!
Swinging princesses!
We had "Marios" everywhere!
I had many volunteers working to make a mummy out of me!
Another mummy!
One more adorable mummy!
Reenie, all this toilet paper will be in your trees one night very soon!
Just plain scary!
The party wrapped up by a performance by this awesome rock band!
Football fans getting ready for the big Buckeye game!
 We had a wonderful party, got the house cleaned up, and then enjoyed the best part of the night.... a nail -bighting  victory.... a huge upset.... the Buckeyes beat the Badgers! Yeah!

Today we were so worn out we were lazy all day.... but it was worth it.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Katie = Looks like you had a wonderful party. Takes me back to the days I made costumes for the boys and did treats for the kids. I'll have to share my blood and bones recipe with you for next year- it's cute and actually a healthy treat. Nancy