Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All-American Saints and Heroes Costume Party

Yesterday we celebrated the end of our first AEP session by having an "All-American Saints and Heroes Costume Party." Everybody came dressed up in some kind of American costume!

Uncle Sam

Captain America!
(Adam was determined to be Mario, since he is red/white/blue.
I somehow convinced him to be Captain America instead.)
Saint Katherine Drexel
Quite a cast of very cute characters!

Sarah Morton and a Confederate Soldier
Rosie the Riveter, Annie Oakley, and Grace Kelly

Babe Ruth, Little Orphan Annie, Neil Armstrong, and Blessed Kateri Tekawitha
This little girl told me she was an immigrant. When I asked where she came from she said, "My house."
Moo!!! Pure cuteness.
Ray did a GREAT job setting up the prize table before the party.
So what did we do at this party? First, we prayed and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. We all introduced ourselves and told everyone about our costumes. Then, each child got to make their own USA Bingo card.

They placed the stickers in the boxes in any order they chose.

We had fun playing bingo and winning prizes. We also gave out prizes for children who completed the American Saints coloring contest.

After they won a bingo prize, the chidlren headed to another room where they made "God Bless America" crafts.
After craft time, everyone feasted on a great buffet of snacks. (I guess I was too busy snacking and talking to get any pictures of this!)

Finally, we played a fun game I made using the 
God Bless America Holy Card Kit that I had ordered from Catholic Artworks. Basically, I printed out 81/2x11 size pictures of American saints and I posted them around the room. The children had to go and sit by one of the posters. I randomly chose a saint card and read some trivia clues about the saint. The children who were sitting by that saint got to pick a prize. Then the children could choose to move around the room or stay in one spot.

We had a great time celebrating our American saints and heroes!

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