Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adam's First Soccer Game

Adam played in his first soccer game on Saturday! It was a cold, windy morning.... but that didn't stop the soccer action.

 Adam got to be goalie during the first period. He was so thrilled! He jumped up and down, danced, and smiled the entire time. And he stopped every goal attempt! He was really good at throwing and kicking the ball back out each time.

 He also loved being on the field during the second period. He did a great job!

After the game the coach gathered the team in a huddle and complimented their efforts. He reminded them of the three rules of their team: 1. Have fun. 2. Try hard. 3. Have fun! Great coach!

Adam is "unlucky" number 13! :) He told me he's going to be so great that he's going to "turn that into a lucky number."

Ray is also playing soccer again this year. We love this rec center league because it's pretty laid back and both boys have practice on the same night and games with staggered start times on Saturday mornings. Ray had fun in his game too, but I didn't get any good pictures this time. Next week he'll be the "main feature." ;)

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