Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Week

Lent seems to have flown by and already we're into Holy Week! We'll be participating in a special Holy Hour and attending our parish school's Living Stations of the Cross.
Although our Lenten Tree got derailed by the cats mid-Lent, we've continued with our lapbooks and other prayers. This week we're using a symbolic ribbon that we made in a playgroup several years ago ---

Right now it only has the palm branch, but we'll add the other symbols as the week progresses.
Inspired by our parish and some friends, the boys and I went out and purchased some purple fabric on Sunday. We used it to drape all of our icons and religious decorations. The shrouds will remain in place throughout Holy Week until our celebration of Easter.

As always, it's a challenge to focus on prayer and our religious observances when we're also preparing for Easter celebrations/meals/baskets. We've got fun Easter activities to do in our school time. And when we go to the store we see -------

The boys refused to let me take their picture with the Easter Bunny! So I made them take mine. They were embarrassed. ;) Check out the looks on the little girls' faces!

May this week be faith-filled and holy for us all.

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