Thursday, March 7, 2013

Craft Night -- Paschal Candles

On Monday night I gathered with several homeschool friends to make paschal candles for our homes. Just like the Easter candle at Church, these candles will be used for family celebrations and times of prayer. We will burn them for the first time at Easter and then display them on prayer tables and use them throughout the year, especially during the Easter Season. The candles are decorated with the same symbols as the ones at Church: a cross marked to show the five wounds of Jesus, the current year, and "Alpha" and "Omega" (reminding us that Jesus is the beginning and the end).

We used 3" x 9" white pillar candles. We decorated the candles with molding wax, pins, beads, sequins, etc.

The pastor of the church where we met came over and blessed the candles for us. It was a great night of visiting and crafting. And we all have lovely candles ready for our families for Easter.

Our leader giving us directions.

The basic materials.
We used a tracing page and explanation of the various symbols found at Shower of Roses.

Selecting our decorative accessories.

Busy workers!

A beautiful finished candle!
My finished candle

All smiles.... working and visiting together!
Father blessing our candles.
 I can't wait to light our candle on Easter morning and use it in prayer all year!

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  1. These are beautiful and I love the idea of having them for your family prayer time.