Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papem!

Praise God! We have a Pope!

Thank you Holy Spirit! You obviously are at work among us.

 Pope Francis
Formerly Cardinal Jorje Mario Bergoglio of Argentina
First Latin American Pope
First Jesuit Pope

A man of humility and simplicity, devoted to orthodoxy and social justice. His authenticity and love are evident at first glance.
I have great confidence in this choice. Just as God asked Saint Francis of Assisi to build His Church, God will work through Pope Francis to re-build and renew today's Church.
In his introduction to the world, Pope Francis asked for OUR prayers.... and even bowed to receive them. Beautiful! And he's definitely got fervent prayers and good wishes from me and from so many around the world.

***And, yes, Adam loves the fact that his middle name is Mario! ;)

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  1. I too was really drawn to Pope Francis. And hey, if the name helps Garner interest, then yay! Austin liked watching the cardinals process because of all the red! He was like, "Whoa!" :)