Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day seemed crazy to me... my head was still in a fog from my cold. It snuck up so fast! I still have valentine goodies to deliver to my godchildren! Anyway, we did get some cute cards out to our family members near and far (although I didn't get a picture of them) ... and we got some great ones in the mail! We exchanged cards and little gifts at breakfast (again, no pictures). We did some fun school work and had a little lunch party and valentine exchange with some friends. Here are some pictures ---

Estimating with candy hearts

Candy heart patterns

Candy heart graphing

Trying to get valentine treats from the claw machine

A sweet lunch with friends

Exchanging Valentines

Becky read Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda and then we did some mosaic crafting.

 Later in the afternoon, the troops were restless. I casually mentioned watching a Magic School Bus showand they all instantly plopped down in front of the TV.... and the moms had a few moments to visit and relax. ;)

I got flowers and a little bear from my sweetie.

Ray came up with this craft after we read about Saint Valentine.
He later rolled it up in a scroll and put it on our prayer table.

Although it seemed busy and chaotic, Valentine's Day was a great reminder of how blessed we are with such wonderful family members and friends.... with whom we practice Christian love day in and day out. May we grow in love for one another... and for all.

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