Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh no....

...six more weeks of winter? Well, if this is winter, we'll take more of it without complaining! We have continued to enjoy fabulous weather, but regardless of what the groundhogs say, I think reality will set in soon. We're not putting away the hats, boots, scarves, and shovels anytime soon.

We did have some fun this morning with some groundhog books and activities. (Ideas found on Pinterest of course.)

We made "potato groundhogs."

 They saw their shadows!

Ray "planted" his by the sidewalk so that the kids who walk home from school will see it and laugh. We'll probably end up with a potato plant growing at the end of our driveway!

The boys designed their own burrows ---

Ray's burrow has a cross on the wall and Adam's is a secret Mario world. Oh my!

We also read the Bible story of the Presentation in the Temple (the REAL/liturgical) celebration today. We learned about Candlemas. Tonight we'll light a bunch of candles at prayer time. Today - 40 days after Christmas - traditionally marked the end of the Christmas season. (We could have left our tree up even longer!) We light candles to celebrate that Jesus brought light into the world. He is the Light of the World, shining in the darkness. Winter is half over.... we'll continue to trust and hope in the Lord. "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light!"

Dr Ray Guarendi had a really good commentary on Catholic radio today about the movie "Groundhog Day." He noted that in the movie Bill Murray's character got many, many chances to "do things differently... to make things right." We all get that chance each day.... the chance to do things differently. He pointed out that most of us are stuck in the same sins, the same bad habits, day after day after day. We will never change or grow if we don't do things differently. God gives us grace. Each day is a new day in our walk with Him.

So let's peek our heads out of the little burrows we like to hide in..... take a look around... and commit to living in the Light of our Lord in new ways today.

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